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Ghlerot, the fabled island city of ancient man, has been located. For years, the archmage and renowned historian Bansorm the Book toiled in ancient texts and ancient ruins looking for clues to its whereabouts. He invented mathematics processes to help him estimate it, extrapolated the lost languages of ancient texts beyond even magic’s ability to decipher, and braved many guardians of the ancient world to locate the island. He found it.

But something found him.

With his demise, and no one to guard his royally owned tower, it wasn’t long before his works leaked out amongst the arcane and learned sages of the sentient races. And like many sages, their position in society was to convey knowledge for hubris or profit. As governments and guildmasters learned the location, adventurers and treasure seekers flocked to the island in search of the riches or the secrets rumored to be contained there. Some came back with full pockets, others with tales of an inhospitable rocky island fit for neither man nor beast, and some do not come back at all.

As you notice buoys in the water, your ship reduces its mainsails and slows. Through the sight and sound damping fog and drizzle, you make out the dreary outlines and muted clamor of Ghansul, the makeshift port city of foolhardy souls seeking knowledge, riches, or glory.

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